Taishakukyo Gorge

Taishakukyo Gorge
Taishakukyo Gorge
Zone de Bihoku
Nord-Est de la préfecture de Hiroshima

There are a number of amazing stones on which some strange decorative designs are carved around Hibayama Mountain; that is known as a mythical mountain which is introduced in the Japanese oldest chronicle "Kojiki" as the summit where Izanaminomikoto, who is the mythical goddess giving a birth of Japan, was buried. These amazing stones are lying on the corner of Taishaku National Park, called Joko seki (stone) on which some geometric decorative design are carved in the width of 5-10m, depth of 2-5m. The Joko-seki which is lying around the summit of Toriboshi-mountain, in the northern Hiba-mountain range is pointing to the Hibayama tomb(tomb of Izanamino-mikoto(name of Japanese mythical goddess). It is said to be related to ancient religion.


Adresse :
Taisyakukyo Tojo-cho Shobara City , Zip code 729-5244

The middle of April/ Trout Fishing Competition

Accès :

[By car]
Approx.15 min. from Toko IC of Chugoku Expressway
[By public transportation]
Approx.18 min. by bus bound for Shushi from Tojo Station of JR Geibi Line

Parking :
Available ( 330 cars ) *Large-sized bus is available

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