Kenmin-no-hama Beach

Zone de Aki
Sud-Ouest de la préfecture de Hiroshima
Kenmin-no-hama Beach Kenmin-no-hama Beach

Beautiful Beach is located within the multiple resort facilities of "Kenmin-no-hama" (Civic Beach). This beach is a part of "Roman Beach Kenmin-no-Hama and Koigahama Beach" which was selected as one of the "Beaches of Japan, Best 100". The sand beach is 400m long and 100m wide. During summer, it turns into a swimming beach, and becomes crowded with so many people. Offshore, a Red-throated Loon (a migratory aquatic bird) that is designated as Hiroshima's prefecture bird flies to catch the fish of launce; this bird is designated as a protected species. The offshore area is designated as "Red-throated Loon's Ocean Paradise" and preserved under protection. Some ancient clay pots for salt production created during the tumulus period have been discovered from the ruins of the beach.


Adresse :
Oura Urakari-cho Kure City , Zip code 737-0402
Accès :

[By car]
Approx. 30 min. from Route 185 via Akinada-ohashi and Uragari ohashi
[By public transportation]
1 Approx. 60 min. by bus from Kure-eki-mae and approx. 15 min. by City bus from Tado bus stop.
2 Non-stop bus bound for Kenmin-no-hama is available

Parking :
Available ( 530 cars, large-size bus is available )
Fee :

Beach sheet : 1,800 yen



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